Haeckel Hill

Haeckel Hill is one the most accessible and popular flying sites in Whitehorse. Cross-Country flights in excess of 100 km have been made from here. In Spring 2015, AYPH received funding from Lotteries Yukon to redevelop the launch. We contoured the slope, and brought in top soil and sod. The result is amazing! This project could only have been possible with support from Lotteries Yukon, Sodbusters “The Sod Farm”,  Yukon Energy, City of Whitehorse and our tireless volunteers: AYPH pilots, family and friends.

This paragliding site falls within controlled airspace. It is mandatory to contact the airport control tower prior to launching. State number of pilots, maximum altitude and duration of flying.

Airport Control Tower
• tower Freq. 118.3 Phone: 867-667-8426

Site Requirements
• Current HPAC membership (HPAC.ca)

Cross Country Requirements:
• HAGAR certification
• Air-band radio

Haeckel Hill Map
Haeckel Hill Map

Special Thanks to the persons, companies and organizations that have made this project possible.

Lotteries Yukon   Yukon Energy


Sod Farm

The Sod Farm