Association of Yukon Paragliders and Hang Gliders (AYPH)

The AYPH was founded in January 2001 by a couple of members from Dawson City. Our  volunteer association helps develop and protect sites and projects that support free-flight activities in the Yukon.

The information on this site includes the current membership list as well as meeting minutes.

You can join AYPH in one of 2 ways:

  1. by joining the Hang Gliding Paragliding Association of Canada (HPAC) if you live in the Yukon or
  2. by paying $15 for an annual membership.


Board and Association Roles



  • Represent AYPH Board and AYPH membership with media, public, governments, HPAC, pilots;
  • Lead the Board;
  • Chair Board meetings and AYPH AGM.


  • Support the President (and all board member);
  • Acts for the President in their absence.


  • Manage AYPH finances:
  • Financial statements
  • Revenues/expenditures, including payments;
  • Manages AYPH bank account.


  • Maintaining an up-to-date membership list
  • Taking and reporting minutes of AGM and Board meeting
  • Distributing minutes


  • Added voice


  • Flying sites
    • Protection
    • Regulations;
    • Maintenance of launches and landing zones;
    • Support site development;
    • Request membership to inform AYPH of site development and get endorsement;
    • Endorse proper proposals for funding;
  • General
    • Endorse courses and/or events;
    • AGM’s/other meetings on behalf of AYPH;
    • Conflicts, flying incidents;
    • Collection of membership fees;
    • Not an enforcement agency;
    • First point of contact for paragliders;
  • Communication
    • Support and communicate with HPAC;
    • Provide information and support to all pilots and people interested in the sport;
    • AYPH Website is for the club, endorsed by the Board, directed by the Board (AYPH will financially support the site and site domain).
    • Board Communication
      • Discussion (internal);
      • To members;
      • To outside organizations.
    • Communication/Actions or issues where officials are involved
      • Media;
      • Air traffic;
      • Yukon government;
      • Municipal government;
      • First Nations;
    • E-mail
      • AYPH e-mail list for members only
        • All communication to organizations are through the Board;
      • Board speaks with one voice;
      • Create President’s e-mail;
      • Discretion on communication is with the President

Board of Directors

President:Bostjan Skrlj867-335-8226
Vice-President:Dave McDonald867-993-3022
Secretary-Treasurer:Denise Faulhaber867-689-4345
Director:Russel Bamford867-334-5864
Director:Andre Artman867-334-0424



Paragliding in Yukon started in Dawson City over 20 years ago with a lone pilot by the name of Stephen Kurth.  After witnessing some European pilots fly from the Dawson Dome, Steve decided to travel to Europe to get some basic instruction for this new free-flying sport. He purchased his first paraglider, started flying regularly from the Dome and eventually became an instructor and tandem pilot. For years, Stephen was the only paraglider pilot in the Yukon. In 1999 a course was organized and about seven Yukoners took a week-long course offered by Paraglide Canada and two years later the Association of Yukon Paragliders and Hang Gliders (AYPH) was founded in January 2001. Many of those pilots are still flying  today.

Instructor: Glenn Deruin
Assistant: Stephen Kurth

  1.     Stanley Noel
  2.     Shawn Kitchen
  3.     Russell Bamford
  4.     Eric Daigneault
  5.     Karl Dorman
  6.     Thom Ely
  7.     Cory Gordon
  8.     Stefan Landfried
  9.     Erik Simanis
  10.     Dave Jones


What you need to know before flying in Whitehorse
If you are flying at one of the following sites, you must contact the local ATC before takeoff. They are really great and friendly towards the gliding community. The ATC can be contacted by phone at (867) 667-8426.
Affected Sites:
  • Grey Mountain
  • Mount Sima
  • Haeckel Hill
  • Mount Mcintyre
  • Mountain View