Paragliding in Yukon started in Dawson City over 20 years ago with a lone pilot by the name of Stephen Kurth.  After witnessing some European pilots fly from the Dawson Dome, Steve decided to travel to Europe to get some basic instruction for this new free-flying sport. He purchased his first paraglider, started flying regularly from the Dome and eventually became an instructor and tandem pilot. For years, Stephen was the only paraglider pilot in the Yukon. In 1999 a course was organized and about seven Yukoners took a week-long course offered by Paraglide Canada and two years later the Association of Yukon Paragliders and Hang Gliders (AYPH) was founded in January 2001. Many of those pilots are still flying  today.

Instructor: Glenn Deruin
Assistant: Stephen Kurth

  1.     Stanley Noel
  2.     Shawn Kitchen
  3.     Russell Bamford
  4.     Eric Daigneault
  5.     Karl Dorman
  6.     Thom Ely
  7.     Cory Gordon
  8.     Stefan Landfried
  9.     Erik Simanis
  10.     Dave Jones